Absolutely. Many customers do.

The cost is the same for everybody. We do not discriminate, fares are calculated using time and distance.

Yes, in fact we would always encourage this. With seating for 4 passengers as well as a wheelchair user, there is plenty of room.

Yes, however we would always advise you to book in advance where possible to avoid disappointment. Especially for appointments and events.

Yes, some of our customers simply want to be accompanied or need assistance to go for a stroll. Others wish to have company in their own homes.

Trips within Felixstowe and the surrounding areas are quoted individually when you book your trip. Please click HERE for our Popular Journeys page where you will find information on trips out of town. Click HERE for Airport Transfer prices.

The correct size for a wheelchair user to be able to comfortably fit through a doorway is 32 inches wide. Our ramp is slightly wider than 32 inches so there shouldn’t be a problem. If you are unsure whether your wheelchair will fit, please call 07421 774385 for more information.

Yes, as long as it will go up the ramp at the rear of the vehicle and can be strapped down. You must transfer off of the scooter and into a passenger seat.

Of course! Our regulars use us to get them to weekly bridge/crib clubs, church and other events.

Subject to availability, yes. It is always advised to book in advance, especially for any weekend bookings.

This can be arranged, please discuss this when you’re making a booking. We can also provide transport just for your pet, for example if they have an important vet appointment and you are unable to take them. Please call 07421 774385 for more information.

Yes, subject to availability. You would need to provide as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment.

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